Create a fulfilling life with meaning and purpose.

Do you have the feeling of being stuck? That something is holding you back? That you are carrying unnecessary emotional baggage, being plagued with fears, worries, depression? Do you want to live up to your full potential? Do you wish for more confidence, balance, and prosperity in your life? Is it time for a change?

I am Martina, Holistic Coach & ThetaHealing practitioner and here to guide you to tap into your souls infinite potential, discover who you really are, and create a fulfilling life with meaning and purpose that is filled with ease, grace, joy, love, health, and wealth.


In my coaching sessions I work mostly with ThetaHealing. ThetaHealing is an energetic healing method and intuitively guided meditation technique to identify and release blockages, limiting beliefs (e.g. I am not good enough), negative thoughts, or emotions and transform them into something more empowering. It was invented in the 1990s by Vianna Stibal, an American alternative practitioner, and is taught and practiced in over 152 countries worldwide.

ThetaHealing® can be used for a wide range of topics

  • Developing your full potential
  • Finding your own path & life purpose
  • Self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love
  • Self-doubt, self-sabotage
  • Money problems
  • Prosperity in your careers
  • Stress, fears, worries, depression
  • Anger, rejection, grief, regret
  • Healthy relationships
  • Problems with concentration, patience…
  • Changing habits, e.g. diet, work out
  • And many more…


Martina works very sensitively and attentively. You can feel the joy in the work she does and her energy pulls you along! A pleasant and beautiful experience. Elina

I was trying ThetaHealing for the first time with Martina and I was impressed how deep we went and how fast we could figure out the beliefs that were actually blocking me. The sessions were touching and intensive. I feel so much lighter and confident! Martina is very lovely and compassionate, I felt comfortable and safe. I can recommend her to anyone who wishes more lightness and wants to grow on a personal level. Gabriela

The session was super enriching and Martina made me feel comfortable. I felt like a new person afterwards! Thank you! Sebastian

Do the words irrational fear, unknown life blockage or self-sabotage ring a bell to you? I know they do because they resounded to me too. The ThetaHealing method will dig deep into your subconscious and help you overcome fears and personal trauma like no other energy healing method. Martina will graciously guide you through the maze of your own mind and get you to the place where every blockages you have ever had started. ThetaHealing has quickly become one of my most recommended methods for healing with the subconscious mind. José Luis

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