Live your Soul’s full potential

Do you feel like that there is so much more within your Self than what you are currently showing to the world? That you have so much more to offer, but you don’t know how to tap into it or express it? You actually have everything in your life and you are grateful for it, but something is still missing? Or are you at a point in your life where you ask yourself “Who am I actually?”

Hi, I am Martina

I am a Spiritual Coach & Energy Healer. As a certified ThetaHealing® Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, and Yogini, I support aspiring women to empower their Self, unfold their soul’s uniqueness, create a purpose-driven life, and experience emotional fulfillment.

My areas of specialism include cultivating self-confidence, self-esteem and trusting your intuition, de-conditioning of outdated paradigms, unlocking your most treasured gifts & talents, clearing challenges to live your true greatness, and embracing a life from a yin energy perspective.

You would like to know more? I am looking forward to your message!

No one is like you and that is your Superpower!

Soul Potential Reading

Did you know that every single sandgrain is unique? And that every single snowflake is unique? The same way, every single person is unique and has unlimited potential in its own individuality for happiness and prosperity. A Soul Potential Reading according to your birthchart can help you to get a better understanding of your “Divine Blueprint”, who you actually are, what your soul’s mission and purpose is in this life, what you would like to grow towards to, and what your most precious talents & gifts are.

What Clients are saying

Wow! Magic! I just had a super deep digging with Martina. I think it was the most multi-layered session I have had so far in my experience with ThetaHealing. It feels like she opened a door to a new life for me, a door I didn’t even know existed before. I am deeply impressed by Martina’s clarity and her ability to naturally keep track of all these deep entanglements of the subconscious. I feel totally safe and held with her at every moment. I enjoy the precision, calmness and love with which she asks the questions and speaks the sentences. I can totally feel every shift and every download in my field. The greatest thing for me is the ease with which it all works. Even when the topics are ‘dramatic’, I can still laugh with her, or even because of that. Even after such a deep session I feel refreshed and full of vitality. I have worked with Martina several times now and each time it is such a joy and a real change. I am totally excited about what will happen next in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Martina for this mega session! Tanja Ellies, Visionary Communications, Germany

About Martina, Wow! I had a deeply transformative experience with Martina!! She opened up a clear path to communicate with my soul and deep truths. She is like a mid-wife – guides through a light and blissful process to create change to deep unconscious patterns. I cannot recommend enough her skills and beautiful loving energy! Rachel Gimbel, Chocolate Farm, US Citizen living in Panama

Martina helped me in a key phase of my life not to break down because of my self-doubt, but to get to the bottom of it, clear and dissolve it profoundly and help me to heal. It was the fundamental prerequisite for being able to start a new phase in my life in the first place. Marlene from couchabenteurer.de, Digital Nomad currently residing in South Africa

I had a deep healing session with Martina. She really knows how to hold a safe space. I felt supported, listened to and safe. During the session, I was able to release negative emotions from my childhood that prevented me from moving forward on my professional path. I was very pleasantly surprised and I am sure that I have already taken a big step towards myself. Thank you very much Martina! Sabrina Jeblaoui, French Photographer living in Berlin

I really enjoy my sessions with Martina. They are a way to dig deeper and really get to the root of my limiting beliefs and conditioned thoughts and behaviors. I feel that each session we have, we go deeper and release something new. After each session, a new sense of lightness fills my being. It is comforting to have a practice to support the changes I desire. We have worked through many topics, such as self-worth and personal relationships. Bekah Bottone, Content Writer, US Citizen living in Costa Rica

Learn the ThetaHealing® technique

ThetaHealing is a world-renowed energy healing method and spiritual philosophy to evolve your body, mind, and spirit. It utilizes a meditation technique that empowers you to live a positive lifestyle by shedding negative thought patterns, replacing stress and anxiety with healthy habits, and creating your own reality by reprogramming your subconscious mind for success and well-being. It was invented in the 1990s by Vianna Stibal, an American alternative practitioner, and is taught and practiced in over 180 countries worldwide. Learn more…

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