1:1 ThetaHealing® Sessions & Packages

Live your Soul's Full Potential Session

Deep Dive Session

1 ThetaHealing Session
via Online Video Call (Zoom)
60 minutes

Work with me on one challenge of your choice and we dive together into your subconscious to transform it at its root. We clear negative energies and you receive downloads of high-vibrating feelings. Actionable input and exercises supporting you on your way forward are provided as needed.

Investment in your Self: €120 ($130)

Live your Soul's Full Potential Session Package

Heal & Evolve Package

4 ThetaHealing Sessions
via Online Video Call (Zoom)
60 minutes each

Work with me on one or more challenges that need more attention and get half a session off in comparison to 4 single sessions. Book the 1st session, pay all 4 in advance, and take the rest at your convenience.

Investment in your Self: €420 ($455)

1:1 Bespoke Coaching & Healing Program

Live Your Self Program

Live Your Self Program

9 Coaching- & Healing Sessions
via Online Video Call (Zoom)
90-120 minutes each

A program customized to your personal needs to transform your life, harness your uniqueness, claim the power within your Self, unapologetically be you and take inspired action to follow your aspirations.

Investment in your Self:
€1420 ($1560) or 3x €490 ($540)

Program includes

  • 9 Coaching- and Energy Healing Sessions releasing resistances & blockages
  • Astro Soul Potential Reading according to your birthchart
  • Cosmic guidance throughout the whole program
  • Mindset mentoring & shifting of limiting beliefs to empowering perspectives
  • Personalized tools & exercises supporting you in your transformation
  • WhatsApp support with actionable input between the sessions


  • Release self-doubts, insecurities & anxiety and bring in more trust & confidence
  • Get a better understanding of your Self, who you truly are and what your most treasured qualities are
  • Clear heavy emotions & thought forms, transform negative experiences and allow yourself to shine
  • Create a life filled with ease, grace, and lightness instead of pushing, forcing and fighting
  • Embrace your divine feminine energy and start attracting the experiences you deserve
  • Lead a life from your heart & intuition instead from your head & ego

Book a first healing session and we take it from there. If you decide to book the program, the first session can be credited.

Astro Reading

Astrology Birthchart Reading

Soul Potential Reading

1 Astro Birthchart Reading
via Online Video Call (Zoom)
60 minutes

In the Reading we uncover aspects of your true Self, your soul’s mission in this life, what you want to grow towards to, which unique equipment is supporting you, and what your most treasured gifts & talents are. You will receive the audio file for replay.

Investment in your Self: €120 ($130)

What Aspiring Women are saying

My experience with Martina was really incredible. I’ve never done anything like this before and I feel like it fixed an aspect of me I have been carrying around since conception. Mind blown. Highly recommend. Thank you for sharing your gift, Martina. Rachel from Botica Basti, Bocas del Toro

I had an amazing experience with Martina. Our session was heart and soul opening and I could feel an immediate trust since the first moment we begun. I have to say again, thank you so much. What a beautiful gift and so necessary for us women looking to heal. Namaste. For sure will repeat. Frances

Before the Session

  • The session takes place via the Online video app Zoom. Before joining the session from the comfort of your favorite meditation place at home, please download and install the Zoom Online Desktop client here and have the latest update available.
  • You will receive the link to the Zoom call in the booking confirmation.
  • Please make sure to have a stable internet connection. Headphones are recommended.
  • Drink enough water to be hydrated.

Legal notice: ThetaHealing® is a spiritual healing modality to activate the self-healing process. ThetaHealing is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. It does not replace diagnosis and treatment by a doctor. No liability is accepted for any consequences of the treatment.